Phoenix Assistance Corporation

Helping people rise from the ashes of their circumstances.

507 S. Xanthus

Tulsa, OK 74104

(918) 728-5111

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Based near downtown Tulsa, Phoenix Assistance Corporation is a 501C3 tax exempt charity registered in the State of Oklahoma and was established to help people rise from the ashes of their circumstances. Many lose their jobs because of no way to get to work. Many people can not find jobs or child care for lack of a reliable car.

Phoenix Assistance Corporation seeks to help meet the needs of Tulsa's poor by providing major, onsite, or roadside repairs. This includes single parents, widows, people leaving welfare or coming out of correctional institutions. The clients are referred by a social services organization like Welfare, Department of Human Services, John 3:16, Salvation Army, Churches, etc. Repairs are subsidized by clients, donations and referring agencies be they state, federal, private, or religious. Donations of cars to be given to qualified recipients are sought from private and public sources.

Affiliated with Cornerstone Assistance Network, Phoenix desires to be part of a total care package for families and individuals in the Tulsa area. An agency would meet the physical, medical, housing needs and Phoenix would be an extension of this agency to meet the automotive needs.

Teaming with various groups around the Tulsa area, Phoenix helps with car care clinics where single moms, the elderly, and poor can get auto repairs done for the cost of parts which are less due to shop discounts. Info on these clinics can be found at , the Dream Center, Southern Hills Baptist Church.

Phoenix Assistance had a large boxtruck with workbench, generator, air compressor and a large assortment of hand tools as well as supplies for most automotive repair and maintenance jobs. This mobile shop was used at 3-4 weekend car clinics per month hosted by several churches and aid agencies in the Tulsa area. Then it had a stepvan that allowed a larger selection of tools and supplies. Both vehicles wore out and have been replaced by smaller vans but another stepvan is being sought. Phoenix helps provide technical expertise, supplies and tools at these clinics. The mobile shop is used during the week to provide onsite repairs such as tuneups, brakes, axles, water pumps and other repairs for single moms, the elderly, and people referred by aid agencies.

For several years more extensive repairs were done in borrowed facilities or in the open. This had made it difficult to do the hundreds of major repairs requested every year. But on opportunity came up to build a 25 by 30 foot shop near downtown tulsa. It has been in use for several years and recently a 11,000 lift was installed to lift cars up so work can be done under them easily.
To schedule pickup of donated vehicles, please call Phoenix Assistance Corporation at (918) 728-5111.

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Monetary donations can be made by check sent to the above address or by paypal to with a note of your name, address and phone number so we can send a receipt.


Send Mail to my Webmaster .... or call at (918) 728-5111.